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“Some Guy” :: TV :: Reviews :: The Walking Dead review :: Paste

“Some Guy” :: TV :: Reviews :: The Walking Dead review :: Paste

Josh Jackson and Jim Vorel review each and every week’s episode of The Walking Dead in a sequence of letters



Good lord, now that used to be indubitably a gory Walking Dead go back to shape, now wasn’t it? “Some Guy” delivered all the silly amusing I’ve been in need of (and no longer rather in a position to experience) from The Walking Dead up to now in season eight, and did it with the season’s maximum wrenchingly emotional personality portrait besides. This is by way of a long way probably the most invested I’ve felt in any unmarried Walking Dead personality in fresh reminiscence.

We’re speaking in fact about King Ezekiel, the majestically dreadlocked ruler of The Kingdom. Tonight we watched his band of merry males be brutally ambushed after believing themselves to have effectively cleared a Savior outpost, reduce down by way of the .50 caliber machineguns that Rick, Daryl and Aaron’s group have been making an attempt to find in the previous few episodes. Covered within the blood and entrails of his personal males, Ezekiel crawls to freedom as his infantrymen start to reanimate and shamble after him, in what is among the grosser and extra if truth be told unsettling sequences we’ve noticed within the display in recent years. The considered dropping “not one” is proven to be as hopelessly deluded as all of us knew it to be, however it’s greater than that—Ezekiel’s complete facade comes crashing down as he realizes simply how badly his miscalculation has price the entire individuals who depended on him. As he reminds the target audience, he made a option to transform a symbolic hero for the sake of rallying folks in combination … a duty that he now appears to be rejecting, deeming himself not worthy of it. He’s not a king, not a tiger proprietor (RIP, deficient Shiva) and not wholesome in frame or thoughts.

Of path, it wasn’t all best. The display’s plot armor issues can infrequently be extra transparent when a big workforce of Kingdom citizens will get ambushed and most effective Ezekiel, Carol and Jerry are left status. Oh, the survivors simply occur to be the characters we’ve hung out with for a couple of seasons? WHO COULD HAVE PREDICTED IT?

I may also’t assist however be annoyed by way of the nonsensical nature of the display’s insistence upon doubling down on unusual plotlines, the one in every of be aware right here being the need of obtaining those .50 cal machineguns. BOTH aspects pass out in their method to suggest that those few heavy machineguns are come what may essential as a way to transparent the zombie horde surrounding The Sanctuary, however in reality … what sort of sense does that make? Is the reputedly unending provide of attack rifles and ammunition possessed by way of The Saviors come what may no longer ok for this process? Hell, you’ll’t even appropriately goal zombies with a .50 cal machinegun. You must hit these items within the head! These are actually the closing form of weapon you want for the activity—the one environment friendly approach to make use of them is in opposition to human beings, which is why they labored so neatly in opposition to Big Zeke’s unlucky infantrymen. These weapons are merely Hitchcockian MacGuffins to stay the bigger plot buzzing alongside.

But in spite of all that, “Some Guy” continues to be obviously the most productive episode of season eight up to now, if just for the sheer high quality of its motion and the depth of its center of attention upon a couple of key characters and topics. That readability used to be a lot more efficient to me than the scattershot nature of episodes 1 and a pair of, retaining the target audience’s consideration curious about an exhilarating situation unfolding in what is kind of actual time. I haven’t been as excited throughout a Walking Dead series in rather some time as I used to be when Ezekiel and Jerry had been dealing with down that incoming wave of zombies, weary and able to head down preventing. It used to be like The Walking Dead identical of Helm’s Deep in The Two Towers.

Some questions for you, Josh:

— Is it secure to name the Jeffrey Dahmer-esque Savior who captured Ezekiel the only creepiest random dude on this display’s lengthy historical past? Seriously, the place do you dredge up this man? Is this simply how the creators of the display take away any chance of empathizing with The Saviors, in the event that they’re all intended to seem like serial killers? FYI, in line with Robert Kirkman, that man’s title is “Gunther.” Creephood showed.

— Do you like it, as I do, when this collection makes a speciality of a unmarried workforce of characters throughout an episode fairly than leaping round to a couple of, simultaneous plotlines?

— How does Ezekiel pick out up the items after this crisis? How does he take care of the lack of Shiva, however extra importantly his lack of self belief in his skill to steer? It’s going to be an extended, tough, darkish night time of the soul that follows. Will he be capable to surrender being “some guy” and ever be a real chief once more?