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The funniest display on tv returns this night, however wait, there’s extra: It returns with an hourlong particular tournament. Nathan For You: A Celebration would possibly seem like any previous boring-ass clip display, however consider you me that this particular is excellent, possibly even the most productive meta-special you’ve ever noticed. And sure, I’m totally mindful it airs the similar evening as The President Show’s “very special episode.”

In the 3 seasons he’s spent meddling in small companies, Nathan Fielder’s met some abnormal characters and adjusted their lives in, uh, bonkers tactics. Tonight he tests in on a number of of them: the “ghost realtor,” who’s since became ghost realty into a lifestyle; the teenager from “Catching a Vandal,” now a vape pen salesman in a cheerful monogamous dating; the non-public investigator with a salacious previous; and Corey Calderwood, the typical joe he become a hero. He additionally delivers the proceeds of his Summit Ice line of jackets to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre, and brings to fruition his second-season scheme to promote alcohol to minors.

It’s humorous! Very, very, very humorous. As with any excellent Nathan For You, what begins out as draw back humor by no means stays draw back humor, at all times probing its approach to one thing extra empathetic and human and utterly odd. (Okay, possibly on occasion it remains draw back humor—each and every sequence has its foibles). Fielder’s topics divulge themselves to him within the strangest tactics—continuously touching, continuously transcendently humorous—and he stays deliciously unflappable via all of it. There’s just a little about OJ Simpson that led to me just about to cave in guffawing, and a musical montage that was once as just about very best as I’ve noticed in a while.

The particular is hosted via Anthony Napoli (from season one’s “Nathan the Hunk”), who assumes a closely mannered, soft-spoken impact virtually similar to Fielder’s; he even walks like Fielder, intentionally and awkwardly. The entire factor is so painstakingly orchestrated that you virtually lengthy for a complete season of this—Nathan checking in on his previous conquests—even though after all that may most likely take any other two years to supply. Ah, however how superb when the wait proves profitable.

Nathan For You: A Celebration airs this night at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

Seth Simons is Paste’s assistant comedy editor. Follow him on Twitter.